Monday, October 10, 2011

Take me away

Emotionally stressed, my feelings I write down to take home with me a life that has been filled with darkened trees, their branches are out to take me down.. on top quicksand I stand, fighting my way out I should just let it take me down.

A moon that holds no feelings for me anymore, just a light that comes and goes with the passing days that has grown so cold to me now. A bottomless pit I see in sight, maybe that will do the job right. Bury myself down deep inside, no one can pull me out now.

The sunset always held my attention, the beauty that would meet my eyes.. now nothing more to me than colorful lights in the sky telling me to open my eyes, another day has arrived.

Another day to shed my tears, another day to remind me why my heart has always feared.

I dream a dream of life meaning something, I wake to the knowledge that it has only brought me more reasons to run from it. Darkened tree, clasping branches hold me tight and pull me under, no more will I fight, no more will I listen to the words that everything will be alright.

I need to escape this life I lead, no more do I want my lungs to breath. Give me something that I wish for now, give me a life that cannot be found. Take me away in the dead of night, Do not worry this I will no longer fight.