Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The empty quill

The ink in my quill has
started to dry with the
words I no longer wish
to share within my scribes.
A world so full of hate
and self loathing egotism,
no one can be measured
by face or religious values.

I try to see the world
with a clear mind and
an opened heart but the
tales of life's bittersweet
anger is forever stepping
in my way of a worlds
deepest emotion being
that one of hate.

exquisiteness surrounds
us everyday with just the
opening of our eyes and
the air that we so enjoy
to intake.The flowers are
abloom with a beauty we
so deny,too worried are we
of our own sinful thoughts
that we no longer care
about human life unless it
is in the words that commit
another's distraught.

We sit back and commit
our own fraudulent words
of another that we now are
convinced that we are perfect
where imperfections can
always be found and seen.
We all bleed the same color
of life as our hearts are
always to beat the same
rhythmically song of life's
negativity and with an evilness
we persistently go along our
way committing havoc where
none should stray.

My quill has lost it's way
in the believing that this
world will ever be as it
should be.With all of the
hate that is set before us
on these tracks of lonely
and closed off minds my pen
can no longer find the ink
to fill these pages of words
my heart wants to so powerfully

I sit my pen back in its
rightful place and watch as
the world spins in circles.I am
left to wonder will the world ever
be what was meant for you and
me.Will we ever wipe the film
that is covering our eyes?Will
we ever listen with our hearts
and not our ears that can always
so easily be filled with no nonsense

I watch as people shout out
their anger and frustrations
due to the wrongs they see
around them everyday. The
Bible you see tells us how
we shall live, what is right
and what is wrong.I wonder
then when they forgot that
one little line that so many
chose to ignore,we are not
here to judge one and another.
That is to be left up to our lord!

This is where I will end my
scribes because there is no
positiveness to fill my ending
lines.I look around and shake
my head it is my belief that
soon our world will be laid
down to bed because it cannot
take too much more of the
disgrace that we so easily

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