Monday, May 14, 2012

Tormented games of hope

I have so much but yet
I have nothing at all,
these are just fabrications
of my restless mind that
dauntingly struggles in
the endless games that my
mind always seem to play
with me.

I am tormented in the
shadows of myself as
I run into the unknown
searching for a darker
light that only abides
by my own feverish fear
of what I should be,anyone
but me!

A tint of colors soulfully
fill in the missing outlines
of my mind.Dark hues find
their way to overshadow what
the full picture wants you
to find,what the naked eye
wants you to see.

I try to see tomorrow as
an new found friend that
is just right around the
bend across-ed that swaying
bridge,I freeze within!I am
covered in thick skin as I
leave my hearts mind too

My soul bleeds the color
of yellow as I stay fastened
in the life I am too scared
to live.Life awaits only for
those that have the strength
to live and breathe.I shower
dreams and hopes in the minds
of those that I love the most
but in the end I am so very
scared to tie my shoes,I stand
still in my tracks that now
are covering up with dust.

I am content in my own
minds prison!I walk the
line and find myself hidden
behind a life that I
sometimes wish could be
written in chisel and
stone,finding myself in
my own tormented body
made of pain and forbidden

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