Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wars of peace

Sun kissed lips powered
by the heavens sky above,
candle light picnic sitting
on the oceans floor of
serenity and hope waiting
for the passing of time
when we all are tied in
friendship and love.

A dance to speak a million
love songs,an embrace from
a stranger that believes
in the world becoming one.
Sprinkle angels dust on
the wings of freedom,you
and me become one giving
each other someone too
believe in.

Missals stopped dead in
the air,fights of nothings
come to an end as all are
made aware of their hate
that is built on sin.Greed
for what cannot be taken
to the other side,we fight
and say we have pride for
the son-less families that
are left behind.

The beating of a innocent
heart is recognized as pure
and sweet,someone to treasure
without treading feet.A blanket
of security to lay upon our
flesh,the masquerade of hate
and war no longer where our
minds wish to fest.We wish
for peace and everyone's best
but we cannot get our acts
together and let our voices
be heard,we run scared!

We cannot decide between
war and peace,we drop to
our knees looking for the
answers to the useless
questions that we speak.
We look to the dark when
the light is where we wish
to live eternally!

We smother our words like
a pillow of protection
because we cannot heal
from life's endless rapid
infections of hate and
despise.We see the world
through lying eyes!

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