Saturday, June 9, 2012

Blatant hesitations

I take a breath
and intake the air
that is filled with
the purity of a
new life that is
just waiting to be
found by the hidden

My eyes search for
the unknown treasures
that lay just beneath
the surface of serenity
and peace.I long for
the freedom to put to
rest all of my blatant
questions and hesitations.

I feel my skin thicken
as my heart tightens
under the stress of what
we call life and living.
I take a minute and try
to reflect on my dreams
of tomorrow but I am too
busy living in my yesterdays.

I tell myself we all
are living on borrowed
time and have to fight
for what we want, while
we have the strength
to overcome the battles
that life sets in our
way,I bow down to my
weaknesses and its
there that I find my

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