Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fairy tale lies

Looking for the fairy
tale where the love
scene ends with happily
ever after and a kiss
to Mr rights perfect
lips of perfection.

We all know this is
just a child's dream
but like children we
chase down that "what
if" and "could be"
beautiful treasury
made up of our own

Searching for the
prince that wakes
me up from the dead
I feel inside.Full
of denial and tears
I walk away and find
my own way in life,no
longer will I look
for the beast that
could one day let me
find my perfect fate.

A drop of heaven just
for a moment lingers
in a stored away place
in the heart that once
again was so easy to
bend and break!I won't
let my life shudder in
the depression that was
so easily to be found
at my door step long
ago!I am stronger that
that left behind girl!

A fairy tale to be found
by another,a prince that
I no longer wish to discover.
I leave all hope of truth
and faithfulness in my
dust,I am not broken!
I am just smart enough
to say goodbye and good

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