Monday, June 4, 2012

Freedom gate

I am a forgotten
song that is only
remembered when
my bleeding words
come to light once

I am a lost shadow
that hides on the
walls of a wanting
reflection that can
only be seen from
afar in the reality
of my own hidden
minds grief and

I trek through life
asking for questions
to be answered that
only I wonder about.
I disguise my feelings
of loneliness in a
smile of awkward
happiness that only
I know to be true.

Only I know if my words
are hidden miseries or
just a muse to be taken
lightly among the lines
that they are written.
Only I can tell the
difference between me
and myself,I throw my
words in a book on the

I am the shadow of my
reflection,I steadily
walk in the direction
of obstacles seeing
when fate will take the
place of my many mistakes.
I long for answers,in
their place stands my
freedom gate!

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