Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Prideful love

A look into your
eyes sends my heart
pounding,it deafens
my ears and everything
becomes blurry in
my mind but the feel
of your arms that
always sends my
body temperatures
to an all time high.

The sound of your
heartbeat against
my already weakened
body plays the melody
of the softest song
that can only be heard
among soul mates against
all odds.Dark angels
try to destroy what
they cannot understand,
the mind plays a weak
game of what is real
and what is insane.

But with just a stare
from your star ridden
eyes and the sweet smell
of your scent so easily
distinguished from anyone
else's turns all my doubts
into a fine dust left
behind the tracks of life
that not many can ever
really define in their
search for a lovers mind.

I do not need you to give
me all the erotic pleasures
that most believe is what
a love is made up of,just
the feeling of your arms
wrapping me tightly into
your body of steel brings
me pleasures from my woman's
longing heart.I do not
need roses to fade away,
a wildflower picked by
your hand shows our
love will never go astray.

I won't pull you by
your tail and give you
fanciful details of what
we may share alone in
the dark.I am a woman
and one who only feels
with her heart,mind and
soul so if you are looking
for a good time through
the words that are left
to stray only where they
belong I am the wrong
woman for you because I
have pride where some may
have none!

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