Monday, June 11, 2012

Worth our dreams

It is sadly becoming
clear that we as humans
allow others to dictate
our self worth,We believe
what they say and give
up on ourselves and life
time dreams.

We cry into the pillow
of worthlessness as we
watch our live's fall
through the cracks of
another's eyes.We believe
their tales of work harder
try more then one day
you may walk through
my door of perfection.

We cry our tears of
disgrace as another
walks the tracks that
once we believed was
our place.We throw
down our dreams and
believe we are no
good,if given the
chance we could be
what we envisioned
in our dreams.

It is time for us
to realize our self
worth or we are to
linger in a world
that seems to of
never been meant for
us.We cry useless
tears instead of
waking up in the
morning and say move
over world for I am

There is only one
that can hold you
back,the worries
of your mind that
you yourself allow
to be attacked.Make
it happen,make your
life be for you,the
only person in your
way is you!

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