Monday, July 9, 2012

A founded muse

I read the words
you whisper through
the brokenness of
a mans heart that
is lost among the
dying breed of a
man who knows the
difference between
love and the pleasures
of a one night stand
that in the morning
you will just leave,
no heart to ever be
found on your sleeve.

I see the softness
that is to be discovered
in the depths of your
eyes.I am left helplessly
wondering what really
plays on your mind in
the daylight hours.How
does it feel to fall
asleep in your arms
after a night of love
making.Do you pull
your partner close
until she finds her
slumber,or push her
aside to find your

I watch as you ask
your own questions
of reasoning's,you
wonder where the time
has gone and why
is she the one that
you can never let go.
I watch you as I find
my own muse,I find my
feelings are confused.

I wonder what it is
about her that you
cannot stop thinking
about,is she the only
one your heart will
ever love?Does she still
easily play on your
mind or do you search
her out as the time goes
by?I wonder these things
but as always I do not
know why,like a fly on
the wall you always
catch my eye.

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