Monday, July 23, 2012

I shudder!

Knees shaking, hands
pouring sweat like it
is merely nothing more
than rain water from
the heavens. Heart
racing leaving behind
life and security I
run for what is the
life I have grown
so use to. I shudder!

Fear driven and in
complete awe of what
chases me from my
own memories of finer
days left behind. I
am entranced in what
follows me through
the dark,I can feel
a shadow as it chases
me into the forest.
I shudder!

I am in fear and my
legs have become my
weapon against what
could be the death
of me. I run faster
looking for protection,
looking for a shelter
to hide away in and
stay dry from the
storm that shouting
its greed upon the
earth now. Lightning
is giving away my
tracks as the thunder
now booms in my ears
as if laughing at my
fear. I shudder!

I can feel the shadow
no longer and stop to
rest as hunger has taken
over my body, berries
hide in the bushes as
I take mouth fulls in
my own greed for nourishment.
The juices have run
down my face as I wipe
it with the back of
my hand and look at
what could be the color
of blood. I shudder!

My senses are telling
me to run again and
faster than what I
had before. I am racing
against time to save
myself from what hides
in the darkened forest
of fearless creatures.
They stare me down and
wait to make their
move against my being,
they want me for their
own. I shudder!

I have ran until my
legs feel like they
are going to give in
under the pressure
of my fear. What
now is un-hidden
from my eyes? I try
to disguise myself
and hide in a hole
but now my fear has
only heightened
with anticipation
of the shadow that
follows me taking
all control. I shudder!

I run just for a
minute more before
finally I fall into
the muddied ground,
my hands are now soiled
with the storms
grievance against
the world. A puddle
of water sits before
my eyes like it has
not been touched by
the dirt it lays upon.
I shudder!

Thirstily I take my
hands and gulp water
into my now dry mouth.
I have given up the
chase and stay steadfast
where my body lays,the
fight has gone from me
and I am ready for any
grief or pain that may
lay ahead of me insanely.
I shudder!

I stare down at the water
that has now become my
savior and spot of peace.
A dead tree root is in
my eyes view and it seems
so peaceful even though
no life runs through it.
I am confused but yet
enlightened that this
root has taken my attention
away from the fears I
was just feeling. I

Still looking into the
puddle of water I can
once again feel the shadow
behind me but I sit still
to tired to run any longer.
I take my chances and
breathe what I believe
could be the last breath
that falls from in between
my lips. I look into the
puddle again with head down
and eyes just slightly
looking at the reflection
that stands behind me now.
I see myself staring down
upon me,a battle from
within is who I was fighting
the whole time.I shudder!

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