Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just a note

Hey everyone,
Hope everyone is doing well and thank you so much for following me here, Facebook, Twitter and Google. As some of you already know my web site is well under way and it will be done very soon along with the release of "The Unhidden Reflections Of The Heart". A whole lot of exciting things are in the works along with an upcoming business that I am very excited about. I have two novels in the works along with a poetry book under my alter egos name and my biography so lots going on right now and I may not be on for the rest of the week after tonight because finals is also sadly this week. Four more weeks wooohooooo then this era of school will be over and the next to come "sad face". Keep it real friends and I will post the web site address once it is up and running and yes that is of course when my alter ego will be named and a lot of people will be very surprised, which makes it so much more exciting ;). XXX

A peak at the soon to come release of my second poetry book xxx

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