Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Man of my dreams

I remember the long
ago fairy tales of
my yesterday and in
my own reflection I
have come to realize
that the men in our
dreams are nothing
more but figments
of our own imaginations.

I long to dance in
my lovers arms with
just a whisper of his
tender words ringing
in my ears as I feel
the warmth of his
breath on my neck
I am to realize this
is nothing less but

I long to be lost in
my lovers thoughts
where no words need to
be spoken but those
of our beating hearts.
A seat by the willow
tree we will take as
our minds wander in
and mingle with our
long lost soul mate.

We can take a walk
hand in hand telling
of our days gone past
never speaking a word
of importance but yet
a thousand un-asked
questions to be answered
and lovingly felt.

The sun has fallen
and we did not even
realize that the time
had so quickly passed
us by because we were
so lost in each others
talking eyes and loving

A perfect couple we
could never be for
there is no such
thing but hearts
that are true could
find their way back
into their lovers
grace with one soulful

I do not ask for
much and materials
have never meant
anything to me.Just
a breath from your
heart and a touch
to my cheek is all
that I seek,within
it I see your beauty.

I want something real!

I want something that
most will never find
but in their hidden
mind.I want to silently
speak a million words
that only your heart
can hear.I want to
feel your hands on my
body as they are still
restlessly by your
side wishing for me
to find.

I want that kiss that
tells a thousand tales!
I want that dream that
in our sleep we both
shared!I want that smile
that I feel deep within
my belly giving me
shivers from head to

I see my prince as
he is finally walking
toward me.I wake up
and realize as always
it had just been a
dream that was never
meant for me!

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