Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Never Forgotten

I can feel the pull
that can only mean
one thing,my senses
tell me something is
amiss and only I know
what this is.

I have had this feeling
one too many times,I
can feel the strength
of those perfect
eyes watching me but
yet ignoring the first

All should be known
by now that nothing
could ever make me say
the final goodbye,
always on my mind even
when in the shadows
one can always be found.

Thought it had clearly
by now been figured out
that the link of two
in such friendship could
always be felt,heart to
soul and head to toe!I

I fear that the opposite
will be to timid to take
that step,even in friendship
it would be enough.I am
now tough as nails as
nothing can get me down
but my own weaknesses of
life's everyday steps.

I really long for the
friendship that only
one can give,pure honesty
and understanding.Life
is to short to let such
a power between two

I sit and wait for
what may be my tormented
fate of the outreach
not being taken,am I to
be forsaken and ignored
forever or will life hand
me the only who knows
me for the person that
always hides beneath.

I feel what many could
not!I feel the eyes of
the one I have never yet
forgotten!The pit of my
stomach tells me all
that I need to know,I
have always felt your soul!

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