Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A woman's eyes

Have you ever looked into
her eyes and answered
the questions that she
is to scared to ask for
fright of the memory
she once shared with
another who seen her
only in the night?

Have you whispered
a love song into her
ear as you held her
close to your body
wanting to feel only
her heart beat against
your chest freely
without the thought
of where this may lead?

Have you ever danced a
love song without any
music playing in the
background,the only
words you hear are
the thoughts of your
new found love,the
only answers you search
for are the ones
that her dreams are
made of?

Have you ever given
thought to her thoughts
and put your needs
aside to show her
that it is her heart
that you wish to find?
The romantic era has
finally been erased,
in a mans arms she
has been defaced!

Have you ever looked
into her eyes and
asked the questions
that all woman long
to hear?She is just
a song away from a
forbidden tear!

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