Saturday, August 18, 2012

Burnt bridges

Walking the shadow of
alone I suffer a
million words of
hopeless tomorrows.

I find I am lost
in between a dark
shadow of tormented
feelings and knowing
what I really need.

I cannot love and
be lost at the very
same time.I can burn
the bridges and sweep
away the ash but yet
I am always willing
to take the long way
and make the climb
that will get me to
the other side.

Heart flutters at
the mere thought of
such passion and truth
that at one time I
found,I look down at
shuffling feet and
wish to make the step
that may be the death
of me.

I twirl the ring on
my finger with restless
thoughts of lost.I twirl
it around and around
wondering is this my
final stop.Do I leap
or do I or give it back
to he?

Convinced I am doing
what needs to be done
my stomach knots up
telling me to run.
Steadfast are my feet,
my shuffle is one only
I can see!

My heart does not any
longer belong to me,it
has not for what seems
like an eternity.Why
do I keep a ring upon
my finger when I know
I wish it to belong to

Burn the bridge and
move forward,keeping
rope beside me for one
day I will find the
strength to make the
climb that all knows
only belongs to me!

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