Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hearts of faith

Wrap me softly in
the words of your
hearts whisper.Tell
me things through
your soul that only
I can hear.

Shoulder me against
your body,touch my
mind through the
thoughts that we
can hear without
the voice of our

Plummet all of my
fears into the
earths ground,like
snow to melt never
to be found again.

My breath intakes
as I feel your pulse
race in anticipation
for our tomorrows,our
yesterdays erased
and forgotten and
to always be left
now in the dark.

I hear you speak a
million things in
your silence,in the
pit of my stomach
I feel your wants
and observations
of the dreams that
are never to be left
behind.I hear you
mind and dance your
song of trusting

I grasp my heart now
and run into arms of
the forgiving,my heart
now to race as I
find my own way back
into my yesterdays of

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