Monday, August 20, 2012

The hidden mask

There is this hollow
cave that engulfs me
within myself. I fill
my voids that is fulled
with someone I can
never truly be a part

I stagger through my
days wondering when
the fall will come
and leave me tattered
and bruised,from
inside out.A mark
on my being that I
know does not belong,
yet has to be.

Like the wind I get
blown away just from
the mere pleasure of
a filling that will
never be my complete
feelings.I speak a
thousand words but
yet I wonder am I
really ever heard,
does he even know
who I am?

I am sure that the
possibly of him ever
knowing who hides
deep within my soul
is just a dream that
shall never come true,
for I would know that
feeling and it has
not came to pass as
of yet and deep within
that is what I want.

Leave me to the dark
to bid my memories
hello,even in them
I am always to feel
so much more.I know
what I need and I know
what I yet do not
feel,but yet I find
my mask and place it
where it shall for
now and always stay,
upon my heart and

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