Sunday, November 4, 2012

Empty embraces

Arms embraced leaves
tear streaked faces when
departed and displaced.
Kisses to the lips run away
with a taste of salt left
like grain.

Time spent scurries
away until next chance
opportunities find my
heart in its rightful
place,left always in
pain I cannot control
what I am to feel even
when to blame.

Scents of you tease
my senses taking me
back in time.Completeness
felt when in your arms,
a touch to the body and
once again I am disarmed
and lost in our games
of folly.

Connections find us
wearily intoned to
and soul.Left to wander
alone in the dark reading
the mind of the other.
No one to take places
not meant for them,
pain ridden facts are
all that remain.

I stand ready to say
goodbye forever,stand
up and throw away
what always hurts the
worse. No matter the
connection and completeness
we feel when together.

Ready to say make
due with what you
are handed down,the
envy of another I can
no longer stand.Sorry
life has driven you into
hiding from living a life
unhidden and free.

Step away from boundless
things and make happen
what words are to ring.
Life starts only when you
chose to live,dead inside
to be spent forever when
you live in your own
made prison.

A heart of understanding
compassion for who you
hide cries with the loving
heart that is always to be
denied.Long talks of what
is wished and wanted find
endless days haunted.A sad
life cannot be changed,when
you are the one to blame
for hiding behind your own
world of tormented pain.

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