Sunday, November 18, 2012

Perfectly you

Anger fills soul for
needed closer that
shall never be found.
Two lives always to
search for the other,
where hate should be
found are only our
hearts and words that
we never have to cover.

Degrees of dislike
has to find management
in another wanting to
force your mind to be
as they wish.You are
always to hide your
true self for she will
always deny and only
love part.

Finding new lives are
harder to do than expressed
when believing your real
self is anything but perfect.
Anger finds tears when
the other end believes he
is not worth really seeing.

Heart finds love to over-
power the minds warnings,
never to step away forever
has been determined and
proven time again.This
should be all the evidence
we need to know where
we belong and were meant
to stand tall.

You stand still never finding
what is deserved!The non-
understanding convinces you
that you are not normal or
excepted as a true man,that
to only come from one who
does not really love through
and through.So I will step
back as I always have when
searched out by you,take the
past months and be happy for
all time spent within your
mind and arms.

I will though always be
waiting on the other end,
for I know as always you
will once again find me
with the words you have
to keep hidden to save face.
Always remember you are
perfect as is,for that is the
meaning to true love and

I shall never search for
a new life that you are
not found,for you hold
my heart and soul always
within the palm of your
hand.I will throw away
another ring as I have
the two before,for when
in your presence you are
all that I want and more.

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