Sunday, November 11, 2012

Red light, green light

I find myself at a crossroad
between still loving you and
ready to throw all your memories
to the curb,for there is nothing
along the way but stop signs
that only you have the power
to control.

You light green at the drop
of your hat when wanted,
red light goes up for me to
once again wait patently.
Stop all living to please
the roaming of your mind
and insecurities.

Slow motion wreck just
up ahead,until you wish
for the pieces to once again
be repaired that crumbled
at the hands of the desperate.
U-turn is all that drives me
back into sanity,leaving you
within the shadows of your
mind alone as I always find
myself when in your life I
am to roam.

Yielding finds me looking
both ways,right or left giving
me two lives to live differently.
Full throttle ahead, either way
leaves part of me dead and
incomplete. I am tired of the
signs left upon the roads of
less traveled,scared of where
one road may lead.

Looking up at the lights I
find it stuck on yellow,where
I have found myself so many
other times to wallow.Foot on
the gas pedal I accelerate,tired
of the same old wait I stop now
for no signs that have been
placed in front of me.

No longer can I place my
heart and soul so easily in
your hands,too many times
I have been left at the red
light with empty promises
of living our dreams. To
scared are you to drive out
of long ago memories that
find you alone in your mind
of grief.  


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