Monday, November 12, 2012

Soulfully graceful

Cocooned in safety
growing peacefully
day by day, matters
of life trickles daylight
through shields soon
to be lost among the
earth that gives  sheltered

Breaking free,wings
carried away by the
passionate winds of
living astray upon a
colorful world of
all that it knows exist.
Flurry of others finding
nectar of enjoyment.

Fluttering of wings find
beauty within the dust
it leaves on wildflowers
and lilies. High finds
magnificence of roaming
life shared within the
grasp of free.

Colors catch the eyes
of the non-understanding,
such shortened life of
beauty taken away so
dramatically. All that is
given,is all that is needed
among the shortened life
of the butterflies soulful

One life to live, we are left
to wonder where we began!
Beauty to be shared for the
duration of a successful
life, wishing all could find
such peace upon the lives
that we are meant to lead.

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