Sunday, November 18, 2012

Soulfully yours

I find sadness in the
facts laid upon me,we
are only apart because
of her words saying
you are less appealing.

She causes you friction
within your mind,your
thoughts of being anything
less than normal keeps
you alone and in her line.

You fake a smile that is
accustomed to please
another,always feeling
alone in a crowed room

Both searching for a
new life but bars hold
you prison to a world
of unhappiness and
dislike,put another
smile on faces that
only do what has always

Sadly you are convinced
you are of another kind,
and deserve not what your
heart always craves for
you to find.I have done
all that you wished,now it
is once again in your hands
to stop believing you are
suppose to within your
own mind perish for another's

You have done all that you
can,roses will always die
while you wish for something
more and heartfelt real.
There comes a time when
giving up is all that is left,
or forever have unfulfilled

Our minds speak each
others voices,connections
of beings are always left
to fend until we find ourselves
where we were always meant.
All expressed hate has never
been felt, for that was not
written in the stars for you
and me.

Do whatever you have to
do at the cost of yourself
and own happiness,one day
I may not be so easily
within your grasp.I try to
believe I will one day walk
away forever, but proven
times show we will always
be within each others minds

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