Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Struggling to find myself in lost time spent, never to be regained as life only gives us one chance to live. Fearfully pushed into corners that can only be escaped within a mind of strength and balance! Pursuing dreams that find you awake in the late night hours, making all come true whether the way intended or not. Never regretting life when it finds end, for all had been completed that was wanted and dreamt. Releasing past conflict-ions that has held happiness just out of your grasp, taking life head on and finding peace with what can never be changed. Telling yourself there is more than what the eye can see, wait for what worth is and not take anything less. Search for happiness even if not complete, for we can only live in the life given or acted upon. Spare no tears to those who can never feel or understand them, for they will never be able to feel your pain. Find hope in hopelessness because you are deserving even if another does not see the same. Find the person who stands hidden to please everyone else, take the veil off for you are the only person who knows what you really want out of life and to be understood. Don't give up today, for tomorrow may never come!

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