Saturday, November 24, 2012

Written in the stars

Life meant to live to
the fullest finds itself
driven into the ground
with no hope of what
finds light beheld to
another lost in the dark.

Follies of unhappiness
takes granted the starts
and moon shown to
those who turn blinded
eyes of fear and unknown.

Traces of forbidden
hides in the mind of
the one who believes
happiness is undeserving
and out of reach.

Tormented soul rejoices
when poison runs
through the veins of
wishful sleep.Conflict-ions
take heed to wants of
another degree.

Perfections hide behind
the mask of another's
useless opinion,where
love cannot be found it
cannot be seen! Excuses
of life gives reasoning
of cold and unexceptionable.

Life carries on within
the darkness of hidden
dreams,forever goodbye
finds loss where one
is to scared to seek

Words of loving more
makes no sacrifice when
you stand still in a life
poison the night before
will never change what
will once again be woken
to in the morning.

True love and understanding
will always find its way
back where belonged,forces
of life can never be ignored.
Love has always been found,
hate never had a chance when
given to hearts alike and bound.

Words will never tear apart
hearts and souls that together
were meant.In the stars
many moons ago it was

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