Monday, December 10, 2012

One day I will find the strength to move on and no longer wait for the same old stories of yesterday. I will find someone who is strong enough to fight for what he wants and not let another scare him into living a life less appealing. He will feel the emotions of a true heart, he will receive back the feelings he gives when talking through his whispering eyes of a soft blue ocean tide. His mind will no longer hide behind his thoughts, not being good enough or wrong will never have a reason to treason upon his memories of lost hope. Conflictions will fall at the feet of nothing, when finding true happiness that has always been held within his being. I will find what is so easily teased, over nothing more but another's misconception of what love really is. Hearts, bodies, minds and souls to collide with their true love, only then will understanding of another prove there is so much more than life through the eyes of the less giving. I wait for what shall always be just a grasp away! I wait for the one to finally, make true our fate. Love finds no boundaries, when spent with the one who fits as the other half. Two minds speak truths of life and love, two souls find what they have always known to be a perfect fit. Love is to be felt through and through, only to completely except the other can it be proved!  

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