Saturday, December 29, 2012

Promises of eternity

Completeness was your own
to fulfill, but with the race of
time your feet found themselves
stilled. Heart beats for the feeling
of wanting and understanding,
but your own strength you spare
for another who has never uncovered
the mask you carry through your
own hell.

Begging time to find promises
made finds me no longer playing
this wishful game of pain! Suffers
are those who blindly see, what falls
within their life of normality. Steps
towards the door always finds you 
giving yourself up at another's beckoning.

Time has been put on hold,with my
heart my life has found the cold in
the crack of your fearful hope. The
best offered can no longer be enough,
I search the darkness for what this time
I deserve. Light finds room to linger
within the walls of my life, something
feels powerfully right in the shadows 
of "I just might".

I test fate for what it is worth, looking 
into the eyes of death I find myself. 
My hands ever so slowly letting go 
of the past. I grasp life for the sake of
two alike's, that no other can compare
even when begged or asked.I seek out 
spoken words that are only shared when 
time finds peace left to us in the midnight 

Self control for the wait has finally 
found the ending of the road I have 
for so long dwell-ed upon. I give no
more than what is given, you now have
to face your life of hell where promised
was your souls heaven. Alone I shall
be no more, while waiting for you to
find the way out of closed doors.

I take your heart where it has always
strayed, within me you made our fate
hesitate. One, two, three, that is me!
Four, five, six is our lost time and 
promises. Time is coming to an end,
it is now or forever wish for what
will be lost upon the roads of true
love and soul mates friend.

I find myself falling, I grasp hold
just for a second..I find now my 
own strength within my hearts
weakness! I call your name out
in the bounty of my sleep, I give
one last heart-wrenching plead.
It is now or goodbye will find 
us at the end of eternity! 

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