Sunday, December 16, 2012

Unlearned lessons

Black and white camouflages
the sequence of life's beauty.
Words taken to heart fall upon
blackened minds, lives shattered
in the name of right and beliefs
that we can control what can no
longer be held tight. Words of
the past have no barring on a
world gone to hell and back.
Committing murderous theories,
all are given slack.

World full of hate and promises
left unspoken, leads all to take
matters into their own hands.
Musical chairs back and forth,
 understanding mentality of life
no longer a part of the rules.

Outcry for freedoms that cause
heartbreak, it is to the point that
one amendment shall be easy
to break. No ones fault that
another cared less For life,
sometimes change needs to
be set forth to protect all from
the useless death tolls.

Conspiracy against our rights,
we cry! even though it could
save another's life. Allowed if
your own hands have never
committed crime, so why allow
all to have that right? People
are falling to their deaths,
and yet some still cry second

People kill people, yes I
understand! Something
though needs to change
so no more children are
found gunned down!
School is for learning
and growing everlasting
 bonds, today in our world
though some are happy to
get out alive!

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