Thursday, December 13, 2012

Voices of the heart

I hear the desperation in your
voice, that of the damned who
finds blood spilled within the
barriers of his own mind.Wants
that can only be succeeded by
your own hands,fear of un-forgiven
things holding you back from

Heart-full of love that goes
disregarded unless spent only
on another, your own to feel
unwanted and empty upon the
throne of lost and unknown.
Left to fall in the shadows of
depression and hidden self,
tormented by the unfeeling
that on you is spent.

I hear the desperation in the
voice of your heart, triggering
my emotions I wish to show
you the meaning of real love
that only the understanding
can bestow. You have found
what you need, the fear of
living is all that stands persistently
in your way of breathing.

Haunts of past life can never
be changed or rearranged to
fit the benefit of another. Love
is found where only one wishes
it to be discovered. Souls can
never hold back what is meant
to lay forever within the heart
of truth.

I find myself within the hidden
emotions of my alike, I feel the
depression that from me can
never be disguised. My heart
cries for what is felt, I wish
nothing more but for him to
see he is nothing less than
perfect to me.

Heart, mind, body and soul,
nothing goes un-felt even
when un-told. Love that carries
no rules to what is considered
within the boundaries of true
love. Real, felt, shared, two
way street of life being lived

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