Sunday, December 2, 2012

Where the heart is

I'm finished writing tales
of yesterday. My pen and
heart has given all that can
be found,no more taken
from me only when the
time you find.

Months spent once again
for the drops of nothing.
Finding myself walking
backwards only to be lost
again. Finding excuses
when truths no you are
to weak in mind to fight
for what you continue
to preach and wish to

Ring sat peacefully on
my finger,just to be thrown
away once again where
words strayed. I reflect
on the passing days and
wonder how one person
can provoke so much
pain and hurt. I allow
myself to be comforted
by the one who lays down
so many maybes and

Sweet kisses to once
again be missed,but my
heart means more than
here and there bliss.Eyes
of an angel finds me in
my sleep,no more can I
wake with tormented
dreams.It is me who
walks out the door of
hopeless waiting games,
for I can no longer suffer
the same old given pain.

I wonder how life will
be lived now,knowing
the other end will not
be answered when you
find yourself lost in the
darkness of what another
will never feel.Mind to
shut off and suffer poisons
running through veins
of hopelessness,I am
not just your mind and
soul, if I cannot have it
all I will once again go

Chances are made to take,
or forever live in your own
mistakes. Tears shatter all
that once was, my mind is
made up and this time it
is saying goodbye until
you find the strength you
so often speak of!

I love you has never been
hard to say,for I know
and respect the man who
within you hides behind
his mask of afraid.You
allow yourself to live
where happiness from
the heart is not found,like
me you play the role well,
never to really be seen or

I will as always be on
your mind,this I know!
I hope one day you find
the strength to let go
of what is not wanted
and felt, and only then
will I once again be here
where you left.I completely
love you as you know,
but my heart can no longer
wait for nothing under
your spells.

I am here where I have
always been,waiting for
you my true love and
best friend!

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