Friday, January 11, 2013

Hollowed heart

Selfishness ponders attitude
of relationship standards.
Seeker dries like spoiled
milk, suffers is the one to
give all. One way road
falls to halt, beware when
branches find you stalled.

Inner begging for what
is not felt but always
given, killing spirit is
laid down no longer
wishing to be fought.

Selfish is one that loves
only self, without degrees
of conscious she dwells.
Labeled green she has
always made way, now
heart feels slayed in
the loss of love always
sworn and displayed.

Living in past lays one
soul upon the ground,
excuses are easily bound
where true heart has no
mortal chance. Lived in
misery of another's life
never given freely, self
absorbed is those that
shower no eternal emotion.

Selfish is the one who
allows all to suffer the
loss of what is shared,
for disparity of others
play no mind when
hollow heart is all that
is left to find.

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