Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Life has taken turns that not all can understand. Love battled finally sees endings, surprisingly from the one who vowed this day would never come. I wish best for the one that has haunted my dreams for so very long now but give up and leave him behind as a lost wanted memory. I professed never to end the waiting game and played our tokens along the way. However the wait has beckoned me to find myself in the arms living happily. I know what holds the mind at bay, and understand that for now I was to just wait patently. Life though takes turns that are for no one to understand for life can never be understood. I can only hope two finds their way out of the dark and stops hiding behind their own masks of denial and misunderstood feelings. I can only wish dreams will be fulfilled and life sparingly lived among-st the truths of who the other is. Love is to be showered on to the one who loves unconditionally without fault in steps too frightened to be taken. Love is a two way street and true love is nothing less but a successful endeavor of two hearts that beat the same rhythm, hear the same thoughts as they are being spoken silently to the other. It is to feel the freedom of speaking ones mind and knowing the other could or would never look down upon their hearts mate. It is to look into the eyes of your lover and kiss them a thousand times with nothing more than each others soul embracing. Romance stays within reach, for that is the only way love can be shown and felt completely, a fountain of youth is found when in the arms of true love. If none of this still lives in the heart of what once was, then love has finally grown cold. There is nothing left to fight for if it is a mask of smiles that is forever live on the face of fake impressions. I want the imprint of love stamped forever on my heart, the truth of who I am can only be found within the arms of the one who treats me as number one to never be put on hold!

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