Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Shadows of a battered mind

Reflections of cracked glass
fondle upon the mind of the
broken. Tormented mysteries
find battered and bruised left
on the doorstep of hell's grief.
Searching finds defeated in
the mind of the lost.

Doomed are those who wish
upon a star shaded by the clouds
in the midnight hour. Frantic
cries scream wanting within
the entity of fear and power.
Doomed to be nothing less
than understanding what shall
never be understood.

Tears find jaded love in who
is deserving not, mask hides
behind the face of robotic steps
never to be taken. Truth guarantees
nothing is left in the dark when
seen within the light of the blinded.

Sun opens up to a brand new day, lived
by those in turmoil and fright. A child
whispers in the dark, is this the life I
am to embark on ? For heaven has
found night tremors in the believing,
that in the day one can forget the midnight

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