Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mindful desires

Heart craves for the sanctum
that it so long ago left. Weakened
are our souls that fell off the tracks
of purity. Taken higher among the
sins lain upon us, searching for
understanding within the lost words

Mindful desire for the unknown
leaves all destitute and hollow.
Borrowed time comes to cross-
roads between living or dying
within the deepest crevices of
tormented thoughts.

Begging direction to grasp
what is needed and do what
shall be, finds torments taunting
me. Wrong ways deserve what
may be! Heart cries for chances
to be retrieved, for some within
themselves have already found
their misery.

Power is found within the
words dictated softly in the
tremors of the night, lost
angels find their way upon
the lost that wishes saved.
Prosperity is found within
the heart of pure, everyone
finds their way lost in this
world of persuaded and


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