Thursday, February 28, 2013

Life is so full of surprises! You find yourself in the darkest of all valleys crying out for answers that will never find you or reasoning. Some suffer from the beginning of time as they learn valuable lessons along the tracks of life. Comparing your life to others can get you as low as hell's pits of fire. You ask why this life has found nothing but hurt and heartbreak as you just continue to fight your many battles given. Sometimes words are not so easily understood when they are received in the silence of the dark. Your mind searches for realism and perfection in the best that only you can be. You see who you matter to and who you do not. You fight battles with friends that will never put on the same war rub for you when needed, you do not hate them for this but you do see who needs to be cut and let loose from the scoring board. Sometimes it is the most unlikely suspects, the ones who you hear cry and yell and ponder where they are and where they are going within their own lives. You will wonder why they are the ones who can never give back what is given and it may bother you but there are no answers to faults not realized. You give your full heart to those undeserving, you tell truths where they belong to be told and along the way you lose the respect of those around you for being honest, but that is a part of life. Maturity only comes from those willing to listen, never to the blind! You can only give what you would wish to receive, sometimes reality cuts you like a blade. You deny what you always knew within the back of your mind, that's okay because in the end you see what is wasted time and what is worth the ticking clock. Life is not just a game to be played, I cannot find upset in my life if I am not willing to change what is not wanted. As adults we have to better ourselves and find what is real, you have to earn what you want because it will never be given to you freely. Some things we allow to be out of our grasp so we do not have to fight for what we wish or need. We play a game of romance with faltered words. We allow others to dictate our lives and play us as fools. People know where our weakness hides and use that against our movements in time. They worry not about you, but of their own needs and wants, at some point you have to choose between you or them and when you find that courage you find the release of many grievances. There are battles worth fighting and battles that never were worth the fight, the meaning of life is not about WHO can make you happy, it is about you having enough self worth to make YOURSELF happy first. Only then can you make another happy and fulfilled. Life is not about what you settle for, but what you know is deserving and fight for. Love for yourself and others should not be where you are comfortable, it should be where you are complete and satisfied. Love is something felt from the beginning of time, it is not something you have to learn. Many excuse themselves blaming the life given to them, purely they are only making excuses to satisfy their own lives never giving thought to another's. Some things you put aside and let rest upon the cracked floors of hell, for what another does to themselves do not rest upon your own shoulders. People take life for granted never realizing that one day who was always there, will learn to walk away knowing all that was done was for nothing, and they will be okay with that being just one more lesson learned. Many questions will falter our minds, but in life somethings are never meant to be answered. Only the strong can answer the truth, the rest just allow it to hide among their own weaknesses or they never cared from the begging! Those are indeed the ones to cut loose, they fall only where they allow themselves to stand!

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