Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rock steady

Blood stained mirrors reflect
the un-reflect-able imagines
of unsuspecting doe full eyes.
Cracked crystal turns hollowed
beauty into monstrous glares
of false intentions.

Strained emotions bid nightfall
farewell against winds of truth.
Tucked deep inside peace drives
all away in guaranties of tomorrow,
finding brighter stars along the way.

Letting go drives heart in new
direction,in the arms of self dreams
nothing is left to bargain! Standing
still, but yet moving miles away
from what is real and what is in
the shadows of yesterday!

Tell me not what you wish, but
what is strong enough to succeed.
Hour glass ticks ever so slowly on
the fast track of all missed and

Forever stills the midnight hour!
Lost in the time cracked crystal,
all is now or forever to be devoured
and spilled! Tick toc, times up,
forever finds heart full of rocks!

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