Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wasted hourglass

Faulty time risen from the dark
   what must follow us through the days of time?
Truth borrows fear in untold memories
   answers across the deserts storm finds fruit among thorns!

Outlines trace solitude in demised mind
  unpopular words drown in rain soaked thoughts!
Carried away dreams sought out in bountiful crevices of light
   Dark sheds mourning when caught in plight!

Perfection only in the eyes of the beholder
 none compares to those who stay!
Heart forwards more than given awkwardly
 Soulless perpetrator takes all before time finds end!

Careless tasks mean nothing when fought for all
  Reflections show to late what is missed in the mist of traitor!
Created grievance made up of laid down wishes
  To scared are we to follow through in time wasted!

Finding words to say
 For tomorrow may not find one any longer to play!
Time is given within the hourglass
  Shallowly it has come to pass, no longer in grasp!

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