Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I would never want to be with someone that finds unhappiness with another. What is the meaning of a relationship if despair is found within the mind and heart? Nothing to cherish, no roads wished to be traveled upon! Life finds us living only once and every second should be worked toward self love and happiness. Nothing could ever be bad enough to stay where feet find standstills. Finding self love and the wish for my own happiness has opened my life up to the fullest. I may not have what I have always wished for but I do have my own happiness and future ahead of me. For far to long I have waited for strength to take over weakness. I have found peace now and I can only hope that my same regrets does not hurt another when strength is finally found! Cherish yourself and children before another, if you let the life of another dictate your life true happiness will never be found! xxx Life is worth living even through the storms of grief!

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