Monday, April 22, 2013

Love seems so trivial in today's world, it is like feelings matter not when so many people have such selfish needs that are only calmed when they have what they need and want. We wonder why so many relationships go to hell when ninety percent of the time the problem is starring us right in the face every time we see our reflection in the mirror. We blame past hurts for today's reasons and in the mist we push away what could be tomorrows forever love. Guilt is easily spared when fingers are pointed in the other direction. Yesterdays love of our fathers and mothers are truly so far away in today's world. Where you loved for better or worse and fault the good fights together. It takes two people to make one great love last and work or you were never in love the begin with. It is when you want to spend eight days out of seven together, in the arms of your lover you feel their breath of forever upon your heart. The echo of their laugh lingers within your heart when you are apart from them. Love is a full time job as is a relationship that is worth the fight. A woman takes care of her man in every way that is needed and wanted, they love them no matter what demons hide in their closet. He can feel the love through the heartbeat of her every breath taken, words find his heart full of gratitude and unconditional love in return. You take two steps together always expecting to fall ten steps backwards, but always together! The most important thing we have to remember is real love starts within the heart and no where else. You take care of your partner in every way eight days a week out of seven. You never take for granted what you never give. A real relationship that proves love to your man is a hot meal waiting for him after a hard days work, a word of love for all he does and yes I am going to say it "the covers of a night that will always find the floor before day break". All a real woman needs is a token of love showing she was thought about through the day when both were apart, a wildflower found on that lonesome road finding him happily on his way home even with his tattered clothes and worn body. Love is a uphill battle and will always take work to succeed at. If it is real and true there will be more days of happiness and fulfillment in the horizon, love for another person is not something you can walk away from for even one day out of the week. Love is not a part time job!! It is an everyday job where you will wish you could pull the eighth day out of your pocket just to linger in their mist for awhile longer. That is true love, that is real love, if you do not feel this then whatever time you are spending with that person is just a waste of time and heart. Truth stands in the selfishness of the mirror you stand before everyday! If you need your pick of poison to rest easily then you are not where your heart desires, if you can pick up and leave at the drop of the hat then you do not deserve what is right in front of you! Cherish what you have to the fullest, every second, every hour, every day! Because one day life as we know it will no longer be here to take granted! Love starts in the heart, where is yours?   

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