Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Washed away

Madding rush, weakened faith!
Swallowed pride in another's
face. Happiness aside, life abides
what is wished from another's

Surge of blame holds hollowness
in place, to scared to fight for
what holds same. Unhappiness
chosen over true loves emotion,
falling steadily within rock bottom.

Fear glares evil eye to eye, what
is said yesterday follows true
tomorrow. Life is shortened
with every drink, washing away
pain self inflicted.

Regret finds peace resting in
a shallow grave, what has
always been will always be
the same! Cowardliness for
outside of comfort zone, will
be drank away all alone!

Any wish of what could have
been changed, within my heart
I knew I was not the one to
blame! Wishes for strength
told long ago, finds weakness
all on hold!

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