Thursday, April 11, 2013

When we are young we believe everything will get better within time. You tell yourself that as an adult your life will just begin, you will have all wished and the strength to pursue it. It is not until you are an adult that you realize everything is not what you believed. Life plays tricks on your mind and the beginning of a new hell starts. You let fairy tale promises go in order to protect those who never needed protecting. You remain weak in your new shallow grave while you act the part of happily living life never allowing yourself to remember what was lost within the fraction of a single moment. One day you wake up and find the past has charged back into your life like a wave of pleasure. Heart, mind, body and soul finds a peace it has never found before. Strength never felt consumes your mind as it believes and searches for promised care. Soul finds peaceful rest for the first time since the beginning of its days. Body feels sensation at the mere touch of another's presence. Heart opens up and finds what had always been sought, but yet in weakness denied. Shaken legs held up by the only force that could ever buckle them. Promises and dreams given fulfill the emptiness that was always lived. Past weakness finds the steps now of another, fear of the unknown and false cares of another hold unhappiness forever in its grip. Portraying a mask the beautiful soul shall always grace the thoughts of a long ago happiness in the wake of chances not taken. The weakened mind now is forever to believe it is not deserving of what should have always been. Rest can only be found within the swallow of  numbing sin! Emptiness now finds what has always been felt! In the back of ones mind a greater love will always be found, within time life shall end leaving all else behind in search of heaven.  

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