Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A sneak peak into my next novel "no name yet" LOL

It started so long ago before time even found earth, two were destined to be apart of each other as time stood still like a cliffhanger begging for release. Bodies torn apart as minds found comfort in something they could not understand or see. Hearts find shallowness never understanding why they felt so alone and heavy, only time could spare the misunderstandings of the greater power waiting for them just a heartbeat away. Some things are meant to be as the stars connect the dots within the heavens sky, pursuing light where only the dark can be found. 

Laura never felt that abiding love and freedom that she seen on the faces of her peers. She seemed lost within her own world. Never understanding the happiness that seemed so easy to find on her friends faces. She had always enjoyed getting lost in the pages of the beautiful romance books she read. How exciting it would be if prince charming road into her life and rescued her from the pitiful life she was so use to living in. The days seemed to run together leaving her unaware of even the day sometimes. How strange it felt to feel so empty for no apparent reason, it felt like she was half a person and her mission in life was to find her other half.She had dated and meant guys that were so sweet and down to earth but there was something missing. Her heart never fluttered like the ladies in her novels, or even like she heard her friends talk about. Could they be exaggerating? Could they be just telling stories of what they wanted to believe or was she really just so much more different than them? She searched for that feeling that so many around her felt but it kept alluding her. 

Ten years later

Laura had learned that not everyone found what  they were looking for but that was okay. She lived life the best that she could with the time given to her on earth. But something was changing in her, she stopped believing in the fairy tale relationships. She realized that she was meant for a greater love and she could not settle for less. She wanted the kind of love that made two people one, where their thoughts ran together leaving them even unsettled and in shock at how easily another could read them and their feelings. She wanted a fairy tale story that could not be found in any book or movie because it would only be hers to find. She would soon learn that what she searched for was not always in her grasp, she also learns that love is not always perfect and that sometimes you find what you have always needed for just a fraction of a moment. What she wished for and desired was not what she needed to be a functioning human being. Life could play many tricks on a person with many learning lessons along the way. 

 Please don't tell me you believe in such rants as true love "Laura spatted" at her woeful eyed friend

Awe come on I remember not so long ago you believed prince charming was going to rescue you from this town and you were going to ride away in the sunset "Tina giggled"

   Yes well lets just say I am no longer a fluttering butterfly looking for a longer lifespan. If it happens it happens but I am not staking my last days on it! "Laura retorted"

Well I am still a believer so my prince charming better hurry his ass up before I am to old to show him the way a princess can take care of him "Tina replied" as she was walking away from her longtime friend.

 Dear lord help that girl "Laura mumbled" as she watched her friend scurry away


When Laura laid down for the night she could not help but wonder if her friend was right. Had she given up on love just because she was living in her own negative world. It had to exist somewhere out there or there would not be eighty year old's walking around still holding hands. Her parents had that kind of love or so it seemed. Maybe she needed to open her heart up some and tell her mind to shut up and let her be. She turned over in no mood to read the fairy tale story she had picked out for the night and tried to sleep but the thought of someone being out there that was just for her kept flooding her mind. Tomorrow was going to be an extremely long day for her if she did not get any rest, with that she fell into a fitful sleep.  

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