Monday, May 13, 2013

Loving lovers

A moment lost in time,
understanding reflections
found in the mirror of
another's face. Deep in
connection that could
never be replaced.

A thought, a trimmer,
a feeling of contempt
only in the arms of
God sent. A knowing
smile, snuffled giggle
felt within, hearing
what is never spoken!

Tight embrace, breath
staking kissing along
hearts strings. Fulfillment
in mind and soul comes
ever so slowly before
all else.

A pleasure found and
enjoyed between speaking
eyes, lips stilled. Acceptance
for what is, cherished for
what will never be spilled.

Silk and lace never means
a thing in the arms of
wanting. Pleasure never
found in the bed,where
hearts are one in the same.

A tease of the mind, a touch
of the heart, loving lovers
never fall apart.

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