Thursday, May 23, 2013

Release date for my upcoming novel

I am excited to announce that after a whole lot of people told me to get my butt in gear and get "Five Year Old Death" started again so they can read it, I have done so. We are anticipating the release date to be June 17th as long as everything goes well. The cover had already won second place in a book cover contest thanks to Lucas Valencio and Blue Harvest Creative. We have had many contest and will continue to have contest after the release so check out the page by following this link

This is a true life event book that follows my life from five years old until now. It is of a life worth forgetting but yet eagerly lived. The whole book is not depressing LOL! We all have our down and out times but then we have those moments that we would never trade for anything. Nothing will make the bad go away except the memories of the good. My children will always make my failed marriage worth it. My time with my foster parents will always make my youth one to remember also in happiness. This is just a part of life! We all have tracks that we need to walk in our lifetimes, it is just up to us where they will lead us when all is said and done! I have had many battles to overcome as an abused child and still to this day struggle for my footing at times. I have hated but I have also loved! I have worshiped those less deserving but I have learned from those mistakes along the way. I have found true love and let it escape because of his fears and misguided thoughts of himself, not by my thoughts of him. I have lived the life that millions have lived, waking up to the sound of tears and screaming, going to bed praying that the night would consume me as it swallows me whole dragging me into the pit of hell in which I lived for so long. But I have overcame all of those tracks and I am still standing tall and ready for my next walk in life no matter where it takes me. I am determined and excited, calm and impatient as I wait to see what lies beyond the horizon. I am convinced that even though I am not with my true love I will however find love. A man that will not care of what others think of him as long as he can live life to the fullest and be happy and proud of the person he is. One that will replace the memories that only the stars remember in a peaceful shimmer of gold. I am convinced that my girls will learn that no matter where you have come from you can go anywhere. No matter what pain you feel, you will survive as long as you believe in yourself and the loved ones that surround everyday. I am confident that today may not be my day, but one day it will be and when it is I will share that with my girls and maybe even the man of my dreams, the one who stands up for what he wants never laying down his dreams or love for another. For now though I write and I live, I cry and I laugh. I search for the un-hidden within the hidden. I believe that A NEW BEGINNING IS BETTER THAN AN OLD ENDING! Hope to see you all June 17th on my page, there will be a link to the release party with prizes and surprises along the way! Take a look at the cover for Five Year Old Death! and remember if you have the strength to stay you have the power to leave! x

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