Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sweet nectar

Arms embraced tightly around
non-trusting with the strength
of firm and powerful. Words
of love freely spilled and
excepted with a glimmer of
hope and wanting.

The taste of sweet nectar
found between the lips of
fruitful lust. Bodies collide
together with agreeable
passion. Leaving nothing
untouched as hands roam
feverishly upon the other.

Sweet nothings murmured
breathlessly as minds spin
out of control searching for
leveled ground to lay upon.
Greedily begging for all that
is wholesomely given in one
passionate glance.

Giving all that is left to
spare, all is understood
within the knowing of
his heartfelt touch and

The taste of sweet nectar
lingers where lips no longer
rest, waiting for the unknown
in the softness of his kiss.
Bliss finds heart melting in
his grace, when all else seems
lost in his captivating embrace.

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