Friday, May 31, 2013

The keeper of lost souls

I am the keeper of souls
as I hold them like baggage
on my shoulders in a satchel
of black forgotten things that
now are to weak to fight their
way out. They lay silent in their
cries of sinister games.

 A weak movement of life tries
to suffocate out like a candle
under cover of its lid that finally
can take no more. Blood pours
from the hearts that sinned within
the darkness they tried to covet
in for safety.None can escape me!

 I am the guardian now of your lost
soul,I hold your mind in my poisonous
stare feeling your body give in. I now
suck the rest of your life out of you
that may have still had the will to live.
I never forgive!

 Like quick sand I have all control,
I am not weak anymore and have
already taken my fair share of scars
where I bled into the ground where
you once lifted me up from. The
venom you seen seeping from
within my lips,you think now I am
easily tricked and you can walk on
by me. Apparently you have still not
learned where I have come from
and all that I have seen.

 You think I am your angel that
will bleed my mind on your every
word, you must be absorbed. I
am not here for your soulful needs,
my body is not one you will shower
your greed upon. I am nothing to you
now but a demons hate filled spawn
looking for a barrel full of souls to
laugh upon!

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