Monday, June 3, 2013

A peak into "Five Year Old Death"

Here I was living my life to the fullest finally and my only worry was this stupid math class. I was talking to a few friends when my life was getting ready to be turned upside down again. I was writing a poem when the phone rang but it was not a number I recognized but at the same time I was pulled to answer it. Sometimes I wish I had not answered the phone that night but I did and there is no way to take it back now. 

I said hello and in a murmured voice I heard the reply of hello being spoken softly in my ear. My stomach dropped but I was still not sure if it was who I thought it was because it was so out of the blue. So many things ran through my mind as my body started shaking. I then asked who it was just to be sure and the reply was you know who it is, with that I could only say yes I know who this is. He asked me if he should not be calling and I started crying right then as I told him that he knew he could always call me whenever he wanted to and needed to. This was something he said he had been fighting for a long time now and he had to hear my voice again. I could not help but to smile and tell him how great it was to also hear his voice. He told me it was one of those things where you had to fight yourself to find control but this time he could not fight it. All he had been doing was thinking about me and all of the times we sat up late at night talking about our dreams and future together. He had tried so hard to stay away from me so I could move on and be happy. He said he had been watching me and seen the ring my boyfriend had bought me, he said congrats because he did not know we had split up. He was more than happy to find out I was single again! He said he knew I had tried to kill myself and was fighting bulimia and he worried about me so much that he had to hear my voice. He said he felt that I needed him just as much as he needed me and he was right. I just didn't know how right until we started talking about school and what had been going on in life since the last time we talked. He of course told me I better not quit school and to find someone to help me get through the math class. He knew I could do it if I just had faith in myself like he had faith in me. 

After we talked for a bit I realized we were on his cell phone and asked him why in the world he would call me from that phone knowing she would see that he had. His only reply was that he had to, he had to talk to me and his phone was messed up. We talked for hours before we finally hung up. We laughed, we cried but we both felt better after that call. I thought it was just a one night having to catch up with each other thing but I was wrong. The next night we talked again and he told me no one could ever stop us from being what we were to each other. We were best friends and lovers, we found in each other what we could not find in anyone else and no one was going to come between that or us no matter what and how much time went by. 

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