Sunday, June 16, 2013

A peak into "Sinfully Becoming"

I woke up the next morning and decided I would give the police department another chance. First I had to know that they were trying to find the murderers of my family. Now that I knew I could walk outside without fear for what may be on the other side of my door I could go to the police myself and ask them what they had found out of anything about the gang who was supposedly behind the murders.
I saw total shock on detective Andersons face when I walked into his office with complete confidence and no fear written on my face any longer. He quickly regained his composer standing up with an outstretched hand for me to shake.

“I will shake your hand sir when I have respect for your police department and the job you are doing on the case of my family’s death Anderson!”

“Well I see this is not going to go well Mrs. Dean” With his still outstretched hand he tells her to take a seat in a sterner voice than he had when Sparrow had first made her entrance into his office.

Now Mrs. Dean what can I help you with today?

“Well to start off with I would like to know how far you have come to finding anything else out about the members of the gang you believe had something to do with the murders of my husband and children!” Sparrow calmly stated

Fear was now found on the detectives face as he hesitantly tried to cover up what was said in her living room on their last meeting. “We never said that they had anything to do with the murders of your family! We said that there were rumors that they did. We cannot just go out and accuse these men of something they may not have had anything to do with!” Anderson quickly replied

Sparrow could feel her blood start to boil over with anger. The fear she seen on this man’s face proved her theory of the department not doing their jobs right out of their own fear. “Okay sir let me start over then, have you checked into the story at all? Have you even tried to look for the murderers at all or are you sitting on your ass in your nice little cozy office ignoring the fact that there are cold blooded killers ON YOUR STREETS? Sparrow splatted in his face

Anderson was in shock that this once meek and scared woman would walk into his office and act like a mad woman “Mam I do not have to sit here and listen to you accuse me of not doing my job! You do not have any idea what we see on those streets every day! You are not the one putting your life and you family’s lives on the line to protect citizens who show us no respect!”

Your right sir, because my family has already been taken from me! If you all were so worried about protecting this community then this would never have happened! These men have tormented everyone around them and where have you been? What have you done? “Sparrow could feel all restraint leaving her body in her anger; with one last word she left the detectives office with speed” NOTHING!

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