Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A touch of velvet

A touch of velvety lips
find silken skin in trembled 
anticipation. Shaken hand
touches chin lightly as lips
search for a taste of heaven.

Crisp air chills already
heightened emotions as
every nerve within the 
body is aroused with
sweet sensations.

Slow dancing as materials
are dropped, fear of commitment 
dissipating as murmured 
words of endearments are
traced breathlessly upon
tickled earlobes.

A thousand words felt
within the embrace of your 
lover, each others hands run
softly upon dampened backs
as you sway to your own
love song.

Moistened traces of 
togetherness is laid upon 
the hollow of your neck, 
eyes never break as bodies
collide in satisfied fulfillment.  

Compromising all the walls
that have been built, when
completeness finds love

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