Monday, June 17, 2013


Less than sixty days ago you
professed happiness still left
you alone, but you have to
stay for what I and others want
to know!

Is it things that find you on
the glorious stepping stones,
to make a life where you are
shatter and left alone!

Find your castle out in the
hillside, that is fine until you
realize your dreams are only
yours alone!

Keep on dreaming about what
you want, you will see when
you die it will be your one regret!
You are used for what another
wishes, when you dream you
will see yourself as always alone.

Materials are all bought and
paid for, what will you see
when out the door proves what
you already know. As always
home is felt alone!

Do your chores, do your Betty
crocker, listen to excuses for
why you are not good enough
as who you really are, ALONE!

A shadow walks you to the door,
a drink in hand you remember
why the poison is your best friend!
It dissipates the feelings held within,
you are as you have always been, Alone!

Tell me you are happy, let me feel
what I have always felt. Your heartbeat
and mind plays games on the courage
you are to weak to find! Be the bitch that
she has always professed you to be, ALONE!

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